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Vocal Deluxe 174

Do you wonder what DJ Melo can offer you?

These are some of my own free podcast services, read below for more information


Easy: Very easy to understand the registration
Quick: Takes a few seconds to complete it
Your e-mail will be 100% safe, it is not for sale or given to anyone

Vocal Deluxe: Latest and hottest tunes in Vocal Trance
World Of Trance: Most wanted tracks in Trance today
Outstanding Albums: Season based albums of your choice

Unlimited: Download as much as you can, without any limits
Fast: The best and fastest server on Earth
Online server: 99,9 % online server for your service

Free: No charges for the service
Outstanding service: Carefully planned for your enjoyment
Design: Brought to you by Melo

Process of hard work in 25 days

01Latest in Trance Music

Collecting the absolute latest Vocal, Uplifting and Progressive trance both promotionally and commercially released.

04Recording the mix

Getting into function of recording where mostly focus is aimed at flawless harmonic transition between the tracks.

25 DAYS PROCESS To create a one hour
phenomenal mix.
Analyzing the track02

Study and analyze the tracks very accurately so that it will fit into my frame of music and my image in music.

Preparing the tracks03

By organizing the tracks and having a visual idea as to how the mix looks like and sounds like.

153Complete mixes
16Years of experience


  • “The Melo mixes are awesome, they join the best of vocal trance In actuality, I always listen them on my job and during the traffic. High quality audio files and the fine mixing is the strong of these sets.”

    ― Vitor Savano Claro
  • “From Two Thousand Eight, when I begin to listen di.fm always like me the Electronic Music, more specifely Vocal Trance, I remember hearing the first set of a woman voices made by Melo, Vocal De Luxe Edition” well you know this magical set invite me to scape into a imagination land only hear the magistral female voices with the exquisite play that Melo know to give” I appreciate so much your works bro always you put your heart and passion to made a sets very best so far, and me are a fan of this great works, God Bless You bro, continue made the best sets so far!!”

    ― Daniel Giordano Vallejo
  • “I always look forward to listening to DJ Melo’s set every Monday on DI radio. Great way to start a work week! Music is always have a great beat with great vibes!”

    ― Annie Sam
  • “If you’re under the impression that Heaven is eating caviar at the sound of trumpets you might want to reconsider it to be raving at the music mixed by DJ Melo! All night long? No, all eternity long!”

    ― Marc Parisien
  • “I spent a lot of time in my car and the mixes of DJ Melo is so great and uplifting especially the vocal trance mixes. It makes my trip so much more pleasant and the traffic is then more bearable. At the moment DJ Melo’s Vocal Trance mixes are at the top of my list. Thank you so much for your wonderful music and please keep going! You’re the best!!”

    ― Philip de Bruyn