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  • Origin Stockholm, Sweden
  • Genres Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance, Trance, Progressive Trance

The DJ
DJ Melo is a man enticed by the depths of music.He is born with a craving and an unceasing passion towards the world of music since his childhood. Today he is one of the popular vocal trance djs playing extraordinary vocal trance. Dj Melo is constantly on the move with his music mixing breath taking and appealing music to his audience around the globe.Dj Melo mentions that “music is my passion and my hobby therefore it plays a vital role in my life”. For more than ten years he has been living to the rythm of his own international success and loyalty to his fans.

He blends creativity and perseverance to the mixes which he hosts monthly on his radio show “Vocal de luxe” and adds liveliness to the crowds.In spite of the pressure he faces during his mix productions as one of the leading vocal trance djs he has constantly viewed music as his top focus and that’s exactly what motivates him.His slogan “Play from my heart” captivates many music lovers to feel his music which is profoundly created an played from his heart.The key to music is the heart.If the heart is not in existence the pleasure and the feeling for music is drowned.Music is definitely connected to the heart where music is led into personification and life.Thus “Play from my heart” makes sense to dj Melo.

Year 1998

Year 1998

In year 1998 I had a vision to introduce electronic music which was not popular during that era. Therefore, I came up with my favourite genre, vocal trance. I wanted to create my own home page to enhance my genre but unfortunately, nobody was an assert to me at that time and it encouraged me to learn simple HTML CODE on my own. By 2002 djmelo.com emerged with simple coding to convince the anti electronic listeners.
Year 2002

Year 2002

From year 2002 I was improving my DJ skills by investing hard work into it. In year 2004 I was qualified into the world’s most popular and craving, electronic music radio station named Digitally Imported Radio at the vocal trance channel where my vocal deluxe show commenced, afterwards I decided to upgrade my website with the help of my fans and listeners and thereafter djmelo.com version 2 was published.


It consumes most of my time to produce high quality mixes where my 100 % focus is on the transition between the tracks where the climax is presenting a prestigious standard to the eager audience. Currently, I am able to present myself as the oldest vocal trance DJ at DI.FM by playing my Vocal De Luxe show all over the world every fourth Monday. Finally, I will be launching my latest djmelo.com version 3 to serve my fans the best.


  • “The Melo mixes are awesome, they join the best of vocal trance In actuality, I always listen them on my job and during the traffic. High quality audio files and the fine mixing is the strong of these sets.”

    ― Vitor Savano Claro
  • “From Two Thousand Eight, when I begin to listen di.fm always like me the Electronic Music, more specifely Vocal Trance, I remember hearing the first set of a woman voices made by Melo, Vocal De Luxe Edition” well you know this magical set invite me to scape into a imagination land only hear the magistral female voices with the exquisite play that Melo know to give” I appreciate so much your works bro always you put your heart and passion to made a sets very best so far, and me are a fan of this great works, God Bless You bro, continue made the best sets so far!!”

    ― Daniel Giordano Vallejo
  • “I always look forward to listening to DJ Melo’s set every Monday on DI radio. Great way to start a work week! Music is always have a great beat with great vibes!”

    ― Annie Sam
  • “If you’re under the impression that Heaven is eating caviar at the sound of trumpets you might want to reconsider it to be raving at the music mixed by DJ Melo! All night long? No, all eternity long!”

    ― Marc Parisien
  • “I spent a lot of time in my car and the mixes of DJ Melo is so great and uplifting especially the vocal trance mixes. It makes my trip so much more pleasant and the traffic is then more bearable. At the moment DJ Melo’s Vocal Trance mixes are at the top of my list. Thank you so much for your wonderful music and please keep going! You’re the best!!”

    ― Philip de Bruyn