• Start 8:00 PM - 29 Dec 2020
  • End 10:00 PM - 29 Dec 2020
  • World Time Zone
    Central European Time 20:00 PM
    Central Standard Time -US 00:00 PM
    India Standard Time 00:30 AM
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WORLD PREMIER OF BEST OF VOCAL DE LUXE 2020 [ Special Two Hour Mix – Day 2 ]

The pinnacle of the Vocal trance calendar, the highlight of the season,
the VDLX BEST OF VOCAL DE LUXE 2020 is finally to be brodcast. …

This gigantic mega mix has always been DJ Melo`s chance to show
what he can do with nothing less than the very best tracks in Vocal Trance…
Two hours of Melo`s exceptional, seamless mixing bring together the most
anthemic tracks of the year into one must-have compilation..

A host of the world’s top talent in the genre all have outstanding
original tracks and remixes in this elite compilation.
Fans of the Vocal De Luxe Radio Show
(broadcast to over many listeners on over the many stations worldwide)
have looked forward to this mix series for over a decade now, and it’s the benchmark of quality in the genre.
Dive into the year’s greatest Edition of Vocal De Luxe : Best Of Vocal De Luxe 2020 (DAY 2)
Enticing listeners with new and alluring sounds.